The Taco Bell Formula: How to Repurpose Top Video Concepts for More Views

The Taco Bell Formula: How to Repurpose Top Video Concepts for More Views

As a major fast food chain, Taco Bell’s menu is constantly evolving with new limited-time offers and regional variances. But fundamentally, they rely on creatively repurposing the same 8 to 10 core ingredients into a core menu with over 50 items and counting.

Taco Bell basically uses those 8 to 10 main ingredients but builds a menu with 50+ items by:

  • Giving each menu item a unique name (title)
  • Packaging each one slightly differently with variations like: shells, folding style, ingredients emphasis (think thumbnails, editing, camera angle etc)
  • While maintaining their overall brand style and theme (colors, vibe, etc)

Some examples:

  • The hard taco is essentially a soft taco, but in a different shaped tortilla
  • The Cheesy Gordita Crunch is a hard taco wrapped in a quesadilla
  • Their Power Bowl is basically a Chicken Taco Supreme, but withno tortilla bowl

Taco Bell originally launched with just 6 basic menu items. They kept expanding the menu by repurposing and remixing the core ingredients that worked to hit different price points and keep customers engaged:

  • Oh you liked the hard taco? Wait until you try it wrapped in a quesadilla!
  • You enjoyed the tostada? Then you’ll definitely enjoy our “Mexican Pizza” take!

This brilliant yet simple repurposing strategy keeps fans coming back for more variations.

As a content creator, you can grow your channel utilizing a very similar philosophy…

Just like Taco Bell discovered customers love tacos with varied shells and fillings, creators can find great success by doubling down on your best-performing themes and topics.

If certain subjects consistently do well every time you cover them, that signals your audience craves that type of content. These topics clearly resonate. Continuing to repurpose high-interest themes with fresh angles gives loyal fans more of what they want while expanding your reach.

Even when revisiting topics, your own viewpoint likely shifts over time as you grow and evolve. This allows highlighting new dimensions, updated opinions, or adjusted framing to intrigue returning viewers.

Consistency around key niche topics cements your status as an industry authority over time. Frequently publishing videos focused on your best subjects also optimizes search visibility through targeting the same valuable keywords from multiple angles.

Having proven evergreen topics to reuse makes it easier to maintain steady output even when you hit periods of creative drought. Relying on repetition and reinvention empowers impactful content no matter the circumstances.

Evaluating which topics reliably connect with your audience and evolving fresh approaches to cover them over time is essential. Avoid believing you should only cover subjects once. Embrace frequently repurposing what works.

This allows consistently publishing optimized, engaging content perfectly matched to your niche – which grows your channel’s visibility and subscribers by delivering recurring value around your very best topics.

This doesn’t just go for video titles and themes… the same goes for your thumbnails!

If a certain style works, add to and remix that style! If it isn’t broken then why fix it?

It’s like Taco Bell discovering customers love tacos with varied shells and fillings…then doubling down on tacos for 50 menu variations and counting! Their simplicity and repurposing works brilliantly. Content creators can take the same approach to topics. Give viewers more of what they want just packaged and titled differently every time.

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