Elevate Your YouTube Career with Expert Mentorship

Elevate Your YouTube Career with Expert Mentorship

Are you searching for YouTube mentorship or coaching to enhance your channel’s success? At CustomThumbnails.com, our expert founders bring their extensive experience in building a thriving YouTube channel to assist creators of all sizes. While exact prices won’t be disclosed, we’re eager to share our journey and showcase the impressive channels and brands we’ve collaborated with.

Channels We’ve Collaborated With

The founders have provided consultation and design services for channels with millions of subscribers, including:

  • Guava Juice (17 Mil Subs)
  • Doctor Youn (5 Mil Subs)
  • Impact Theory (4 Mil Subs)
  • EngineeringFamily (4 Mil Subs)
  • Dr. Squish (3.5 Mil Subs)
  • Dr. Ekberg (3.5 Mil Subs)
  • EpicToyChannel (2 Mil Subs)
  • NerdECrafter (1.8 Mil Subs)
  • SarahBethYoga (1.7 Mil Subs)
  • Women of Impact (1 Mil Subs)
  • Dr. Chatterjee (1 Mil Subs)

This is merely a glimpse of our diverse clientele, spanning gaming, podcasts, vlogs, beauty channels, health/wellness, real estate, DIY, and more!

Our Mentorship Approach

The founders of CustomThumbnails.com have not only built a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers but have also provided mentorship and created paid content for global brands like Mattel, Spin Master, DreamWorks TV, Hasbro, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and more.

In our mentorship sessions, we cover a range of topics to help YouTubers achieve growth:

  • YouTube Best Practices
  • Monetization Strategies
  • Audience Development
  • Content Strategies
  • Analytics Reviews
  • Thumbnail Optimization
  • Social Media Growth

Variety of Mentorship Packages

Explore a variety of mentorship packages tailored for every creator, offering flexibility and personalized guidance.

Free Discovery Call

Not sure which package suits you? Book a free 15-minute discovery call to:

  • Meet one of our mentors
  • Ask program questions
  • Learn if our approach aligns with your goals
  • Receive an obligation-free overview

Embark on your journey towards YouTube success with CustomThumbnails.com’s expert mentorship. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting, our founders have the insights and strategies to propel your channel to new heights.

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