Does VidIQ Really Work?

There’s a good chance that you’re aware of the basic YouTube SEO tips such as using relevant keywords in your titles, creating detailed descriptions, and making sure that your content is consistently engaging. However, you may be unaware of one of the most successful ways to bring more traffic to your YouTube channel.

58% of viewers will arrive at your channel from their Search and Related Videos recommendations. This is why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) must be at the center of your marketing strategy on the video platform if you’re looking to build brand awareness on YouTube.

However, implementing SEO strategies and actually finding success from them can be incredibly time consuming. By taking the guesswork out of deciding what title to use, what should go into your description, choosing tags, and creating playlists, you’ll be able to dedicate more time and energy into content creation and other areas of your marketing strategy. 

What to Know About VidIQ

VidIQ functions as your 24/7 YouTube consultant when it comes to determining the best SEO practices for your channel. VidIQ offers creators the ability to find the best keywords based on Big Data analysis and YouTube search trends. They’ll even grade your video SEO to maximize your channel’s discoverability. Giving you the ability to fully understand what’s working, what’s not working, and what is missing from your channel, is what makes VidIQ one of the most powerful video marketing tools available. 

You can have access to all of their services with the pro version, which starts at only $10/month. Even if you’re an entry-level YouTuber, the features that are offered by VidIQ make the price point seem incredibly fair. 

The platform itself allows you to organize your videos into different columns based on views, shares, likes, and other parameters. By having such a clear overview of your YouTube channel, you’ll be able to quickly identify which videos are performing well and any similarities between them. You’re also able to click on any of your videos to make changes to their descriptions, tags, and titles. If you’re looking to update any under-performing videos, VidIQ allows you to easily optimize your YouTube channel. 

Beyond this, VidIQ offers a host of other valuable features:


Tag Suggestions and Keyword Metrics

One of the most popular features of VidIQ are their tag suggestions. For each of your videos, you’ll be able to choose up to 50 tags. Within this, VidIQ will auto-populate the suggested tags with the most popular tags on YouTube. This is easily one of the most effective and reliable ways to bring more traffic to your content. 


VidIQ also provides you with a variety of keyword metrics:

  • Related Score: This measures how different keywords relate to each other
  • Search Volume: This tells you how many people have searched for that keyword on YouTube every month
  • Competition Score: How many videos are appearing in YouTube’s search results for that exact search phrase
  • Overall Score: This number is determined by both account search volume and competition levels. Ideally, you’re looking for keywords that have a lot of searches but low competition. These keywords will have the highest overall score. 


Description Campaigns

This tool is arguably one of the best ways to make managing your YouTube channel as efficient as possible. VidIQ’s description campaign feature is designed to drive traffic to any of your landing pages. 

If you’re thinking that it’s a tedious task to edit each individual video description to include an extra few lines of text, you’re absolutely right. VidIQ’s description campaign feature will automatically add your text to each video for you. And once it’s all over? Clicking the “Stop Campaign” button will automatically remove your campaign text and links from all of your videos for you.


Best Time to Post

This feature is completely unique to VidIQ and it’s exactly what it sounds like. By knowing the best time to post for your channel, you’ll be able to determine the exact time your subscribers are active on YouTube. There are a million “best times to upload on YouTube” articles on the web. VidIQ allows you to go beyond averages by giving you access to the analytics that are based on your specific audience. 


Your Top Playlists

YouTube studio makes it difficult to see how your playlists are performing. It gives you tons of data on individual videos, but next to nothing on your playlists. VidIQ is here to provide you with that information so you can continue to optimize your channel by implementing creative marketing strategies.

Keep Track of Your Competitors 

Speaking of other creators, it’s important to track those that are important to your channel. Whether your competitors are big influences setting trends in your niche or smaller channels providing breakthrough content, VidIQ’s Competitors Tool allows you to fully understand the competition.


Take advantage of the tools that are available to you! Getting started with VidIQ is quick and simple as all you need to do is connect it with your YouTube account. From there, all of your videos will be imported to their dashboard and you’ll be able to take your content and marketing strategies to the next level.

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