User revision request for Order ID#91415 – 2021.01.21/08:01:49

Posted by: brian1     Last Updated: Jan 21,2021

Revision request: Thanks for getting these back so fast! 🙂

We want to keep working on the design for 91415.jpg.

First tweak, change the teal box to red.

We also want to play around with the background some.

v1: please take the “no” symbol (the one with the circle with a line through it) and make it gray. Make it nice and large and center behind the subject and the words. Make it a slightly darker gray than the background (basically reversing what we did on order 89924).

v2: this same idea, but make the no symbol only big enough to fit behind the text.

The idea with both of these is that the no symbol is large enough to see, but not intrusive or hiding too much under the text.

You may need to shrink the text size on v2 to have enough space for the symbol to be behind. 🙂

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