User revision request for Order ID#174410 – 2022.08.21/04:08:27

Posted by: nicklituanio     Last Updated: Aug 21,2022

Revision request: I like this much, much more. A couple of things that I am having a problem with. First on mobile it will not work in the way I hope. Is there a way to get more than just the hiking represented? Also when the images are shrunk down for mobile I think they will be hard to see. The bike shot looks great desktop but on a small screen not so much. The second thing is the focus should be on the people so I’m wondering ion you can play with brightness or overlays to make the action shots secondary? The eye should be drawn to the people and as an example the skiing shot is so bright it pulls the eye away. Let’s see what you can come up with and thanks for the hard work!

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