User comment for Order ID#175184 – 2022.08.30/03:08:49

Posted by: Ana Maytorena     Last Updated: Aug 29,2022

Hey, Wendy! I’m Ana, your designer.

Just wanted to let you know that I uploaded two options for this order, I saw that you weren’t sure which color would be the best for the background so I wanted you to see both versions.

I see many creators afraid of using white for their thumbnails, since Youtube itself its mostly white they fear their video won’t stand out so they choose to catch the viewers attention with bright colors.

However, on the other side I think white makes the design look clean and neat, sometimes profesional, as a designer I dont think its a must to use bright colorful backgrounds all the time, specially if you are looking for something more elegant.

So I went for it with option A, the background is white but we have other elements that make it pop, I went for something femenine and relaxing.

For option B I switched the colors!

Let me know what you think, which one you prefer.
We could switch between white background and color backgrouds depending on the video as well, they’d look good together on your channel!

Have a nice day!

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