How To Make YouTube Faster (If You Don’t Use Chrome)

Google’s products tend to function best on Google’s products.. am I right?  For example, you’ve probably noticed that YouTube (owned by Google) works best on Chrome (which is also owned by Google).  If you don’t use Chrome your YouTube watching experience may lag at times.

Personally, I enjoy using Safari and Firefox and am reluctant to make the switch over to Chrome.  My YouTube experience was greatly enhanced after I took a few basic measures.

  1. First, I closed all of my background programs / programs that were unnecessarily open.  These unnecessary programs were affecting the speed in which my browser could function.  This didn’t speed up my internet connection (obviously), but it did free up resources that my browser needed.
  2. I shutdown and restarted my wireless router.  I’m not sure why this works, but it works in the same way that taking my Nintendo cartridge out and blowing inside of it did in the early 1990’s.
  3. I cleaned out my browser’s cookies.
  4. I had a few programs that I hadn’t used in over a year, so I deleted them.  #takethatuselessprograms
  5. Tabs, tabs, tabs.. I always have too many tabs open thus requiring too much of my browser.  Limited the number of tabs that are open should speed up your browsing experience.

PC Users:

These tips will work on PC’s or Macs.. but I recently came across a helpful article for PC users who want to improve their YouTube experience.   The article, entitled Speed Up YouTube – Tricks That Will Make Your YouTube Videos Load Faster may prove to be helpful to those who continue to experience difficulties on their PC even after doing my simple five step process above.

Apple Users:

This is not a paid endorsement, I promise.  My favorite tool to keep my Apple computers functioning in tip top shape is the Clean My Mac program.  Keeping your Apple computer free of bugs and trash will definitely help speed things up.

I hope that helps and if it doesn’t then maybe it’s time to switch over to Chrome 🙂

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