How to Come Up With Great YouTube Video Ideas

How to Come Up With Great YouTube Video Ideas

Coming up with fresh YouTube video ideas involves researching your niche to identify topics and formats that perform well, studying competitors, brainstorming an ongoing list of timely and evergreen themes, developing thematic series, tracking trends and feedback, collaborating with others, and letting your unique passions shine through.

Analyze Your Niche and Competition
First, closely analyze your niche and identify viewer interests and pain points. Study successful YouTubers in your field and note what types of videos get the most views. Pay attention to video titles, thumbnails, and topics that grab attention. This research will reveal themes and formats that work.

Study Other Channels in Your Niche
Look at both direct competitors as well as those covering complementary topics to get insight into various video styles and topics resonating with your target demographic. Take note of view counts, engagement metrics, and comments to see what’s working.

Brainstorm an Ongoing List
Next, brainstorm an ongoing list of video ideas, adding to it whenever inspiration strikes. Consider popular video styles like tutorials, reviews, unboxings, challenges, reactions, commentary, interviews, and vlogs. Think about timely topics related to news and events in your niche. Seasonality also plays a role, with certain video ideas working better at different times of year.

Balance Evergreen and Trending Content
Aim to produce a mix of evergreen content that holds long-term value along with timely videos tied to trends and current events. This blend will expand your reach and allow older content to continue generating views.

Develop Thematic Series
It also helps to think about ideas in terms of series that cover a topic from multiple angles. For example, if you run a beauty channel, video series may focus on makeup for different eye shapes, budget-friendly products, decluttering tips, or beginner techniques.

Research Trends and Feedback
Leverage tools like YouTube Trends, Google Trends, and social media analytics to uncover rising search terms and viral content that could spark video ideas. Stay on top of hashtags popular in your industry as these can indicate what people are engaging with. User comments on your existing videos also provide valuable insight.

Bring a Unique Perspective
Consider inspirational crossover content that brings something new to your niche, like profiling innovators or interesting industry applications. Remix top-performing videos periodically with a new twist like testing life hacks or trying viewer suggestions.

Collaborate with Complementary Creators
Collaborations with complementary YouTubers also lead to engaging content ideas that leverage each other’s audiences. The key is choosing partners whose video style and brand values align with yours to reinforce your authority around shared topics.

Let Your Passions Guide Topic Selection
Most importantly, let your unique personality and passions shape video themes that feel authentic to you. Brainstorm content across the spectrum from evergreen educational staples to viral trends, aiming for balance. Be consistent but willing to experiment and evolve based on viewer feedback and analytics. Stay deeply immersed in your niche while thinking expansively, and fresh video ideas will flow steadily.

By immersing yourself in research and consistently brainstorming video ideas mapped to your niche and target audience, you’ll never run out of fresh content themes. Stay adaptable to keep pace with changing trends and viewer preferences. Most importantly, let your unique personality and passions fuel videos only you can create.

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