User revision request for Order ID#93979 – 2021.02.04/09:02:02

Posted by: pahlab     Last Updated: Feb 04,2021

Revision request: This is a great start! Here are some changes I’d like to see:

1.) Please change the font on the notepad to something simpler to read. I appreciate that it looks sort of like handwriting, but let’s just go with a simple font.

2.) Please have the stock photos matching each other (i.e, similar backgrounds and from the same angle). I like the top photo more than the spaghetti, so let’s find something else like that.

3.) Enlarge the food photos to take up a lot more space, even going under my hand and the notepad.

4.) Let’s give the background a bit of blur, to help make the food pop out more.

5.) And let’s also give the “Weight Loss over 50” text a stroke of black around it, to make it clearer.


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