User revision request for Order ID#92121 – 2021.01.25/05:01:38

Posted by: pahlab     Last Updated: Jan 25,2021

Revision request: Okay, this is a good start!
Here are the changes I’d like to see:
Please remove “February” from the thumb (I know it was on the mock-up, but it’s unnecessary).
Let’s make the map more clearly a map, with some very subtle mountains or lakes or something. I really like the folds and the shadow behind it!
Change the orientation of the map to landscape and move the text banner “Weight Loss over 50” to the bottom of the thumb.
I LOVE the dotted lines for the path! Let’s change the colors, though, to match the pink and purple color scheme for the February thumbs.
Let’s also make the path more jagged, like an actual chart of somebody’s weight loss progress, rather than a snaking curve. (I can send a picture of this if it’s helpful!)
And please turn down the saturation slightly on my photo – it’s a little bit orange for my taste.
Thank you!

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