User revision request for Order ID#88320 – 2021.01.13/06:01:24

Posted by: brian1     Last Updated: Jan 13,2021

Revision request: Thank you for your patience. This design just isn’t working for us.

I want to make some changes, adding in a new photo so there are now two on the thumbnail. I will email the new photo and a sketch so you can see what I’m thinking.

The idea is that the two images will be side by side. The background of the new image will need to match the brightness and lightness of the original photo so they both match. The text needs to be in the middle of the two photos, centered and stacked on three lines:


Please make two versions of this design layout, one with the teal color box around the word “essential” as before, the other with the teal colorbox around the word “winter.”

Images to be emailed shortly.

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