User revision request for Order ID#85469 – 2020.12.23/06:12:51

Posted by: brian1     Last Updated: Dec 23,2020

Revision request: These look great! Got a couple of tweaks and alternative versions I’d like to see:

1) Take 85469-6.jpg and change the color block to the RED color. Keep everything else the same.

2). take 85469-5.jpg and stack “25,” “Essential,” and “Items” on their own individual lines, then left justify the stack. Keep the alignment on the current edge of the text placement.

3). Take 2 and put a color block around “essential”. Please make one version with the blue and one version with the red.

Total, you should have FOUR new versions: 1 with a red color block on “25;” 1 with each word on it’s own line and all text in white; 1 with each word of text on it’s own line with a blue color block around “essential”; and one with each word of text on it’s own line with a red color block around “essential.”

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