User revision request for Order ID#174426 – 2022.08.22/12:08:19

Posted by: Robert Butler     Last Updated: Aug 21,2022

Revision request: Actually, after thinking about it more. I think the thumbnail will be better if it is as follows:

on one side, the screenshot of the code, on the other side the text “Better Assembly Language” with an arrow to it. I’m kind of envisioning the code screenshot on an angle, as if it was on a screen that was facing at an angle, but I’m not sure what will be best.

The most important things, in order of importance, to catch the viewer’s eye:
1. The code screenshot (perhaps the high contrast version works best? not sure) – I think the arrow pointing at this really drives the focus on this one.
2. The word “Better”
3. The word “Assembly Language”

I’m aiming for minimalist on this one. Everything beyond these three is just noise and can go unless it is essential to tie it together.

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