User revision request for Order ID#174410 – 2022.08.27/01:08:56

Posted by: nicklituanio     Last Updated: Aug 26,2022

Revision request: Thanks. Much Better. A few things please.
1. Let’s make the order from L-R Ski Goggles, Bike, Hiker. Please get tighter on the hiker – we can lose a bit of face and gain some backpack.
2. Please bring back the background on the photo of the couple so we can see the people in the background and allow that photo to take up 60-70% of the horizontal real estate. You will have to skinny-up the action images to the right a bit to make this happen.
3. The image is uniformly bright and this confuses the viewer with where they should look. It would seem we need to somehow make the secondary images less bright/present so the image of the couple and the name and tag line really stand out. So it could be brightness or color saturation or applying some type of texture or??? This is where I will count on you to use your skills to work this out. The focus should be on the couple and the name tag line.
4. In the current version the name feels low to me, I don’t mind if it obscures the secondary photos and this will become less of an issue as we make them less prominent.

I want to thank you for hanging in there and working this out with me 🙂

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