User revision request for Order ID#174410 – 2022.08.26/02:08:50

Posted by: nicklituanio     Last Updated: Aug 25,2022

Revision request: So still not there. take a look at the screen grab from my phone. I would like the shot of the man and women to take over half of the mobile screen space then have 3 slices of other activities. To do this your going to have to get really tight and suggestive with the images. Think foot on pedal for bike, a part of a cement and ski google, a hiking pole in a hand. The term we used to use is phycological closure. You pick a mall piece of the overall image and the audiences mind fills in the rest. Let’s see what you can come up with. One other thing… I liked that there was a guy in the deep background or the original man and women photo – it showed context that was really important. Please add that back in. Thanks for helping to figure this out!

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