User revision request for Order ID#174003 – 2022.08.17/12:08:22

Posted by: Anthony Mattera     Last Updated: Aug 16,2022

Revision request: Hi there, this is a good start, but I’d like to make some changes.

1. Could we lose the mother and just have the kid holding the cash and make him bigger. Like a medium close-up. He can take up about 1/3 of the frame.

2. Let’s have the judges be a bit bigger too, but not quite as big as a kid. I want the focus on them to be secondary.

3. Let’s lose the individual puzzle pieces and use a tiled version of the Autism puzzle piece logo to replace the whole green trampoline section. Something like this:

I like the raining cash, please keep that.

We want the viewers to ask themselves, “What did this kid do to earn a handful of cash?” See the judges, and think, “Oh, a contest. Are those trampolines? Oh, the Autism puzzle pieces. So this Autistic kid did something amazing at a trampoline park and scored perfect 10’s to get a bunch of cash. I’ve got to see that!”

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