User revision request for Order ID#172678 – 2022.08.09/03:08:26

Posted by: Owen Video     Last Updated: Aug 09,2022

Revision request: Hey these are fantastic! We’d like to make a backup version of this with a slightly different design! Keep the same words but we will move them to the left side!

I’d like to have an image of Owen on the right side to his left an image of a YouTube vinyl backdrop, here are some examples: Vintage Brick Background :

Office Backdrop :

But you may find better ones on google images, make sure the colors contrast the text and text labels and I’d like two different colored labels with the text “Video” in a black label and “Backdrops” in a red label

Look at this older Owen video for inspiration but let’s make it more professional looking similar to Tom bilyeu

Here’s the inspiration:

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