User comment for Order ID#93908 – 2021.01.30/07:01:47

Posted by: imonamac     Last Updated: Jan 30,2021

Thanks for the quick response. This design isn’t really working for me. It has a lot of text and the play button which will appear in the middle will obscure a good chunk of it.

Let me try going in a different direction. What if we do use one of my headshots, preferably one of the more professional ones (not silly) justified to the left.

For the background could we go with a blurred office setting?

Let’s ditch the idea of trying to make the graphic itself look like a signature and instead just make a really impressive title with some impressive fonts. I’m thinking “Create A Professional E-Mail Signature” where the words “Create A” are in a small font (maybe even a different color), and really let the focus be about “Professional E-Mail Signature”

Does that makes sense?

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