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Posted by: admin     Last Updated: Jan 18,2021

So since “Service Based Business” is in the title I don’t think we need to repeat it in the thumbnail, we can, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

They’re coming from a group or a YouTube video which was all about service based businesses and since service based businesses is in your title the algo is going to pool this video with similar videos. So knowing where they’re coming from, how they got to the video and what’s in the title, the text could be:

5 Ways
To Make $ on (YouTube icon)


5 Ways
$$ on (YouTube icon)

The context of ‘service based business’ is covered by the video title, pool of videos this video is around and the source of how people found this video, so our messages to owners of service based businesses is that there are 5 ways to make extra $$ on YouTube.



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