User comment for Order ID#176159 – 2022.09.07/04:09:45

Posted by: admin     Last Updated: Sep 07,2022

Thank you for placing this design request. We have an idea but I want to run it by you before we get started on it. First and foremost, we use to license images from so if you see any images there that will be suitable for any of your orders feel free to link us to them.

We’re thinking about zooming in really tight on the window of this drive through so you’ll just see the window and some of the siding.

We can then add one of these guys and put a ‘fast food’ worker type of hat on him and we can add a bag of food to his hands.

We are not seeing any suitable images of Teslas on Shutterstock but we can easily add a Tesla logo to a steering wheel to cause an illusion of it being a Telsa.

Will something like that work for you?

Talk soon,


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